Webpage elements | request


I saw that I could use it, I wanted to make a get request, but I don’t know how to get the response of my request.

How can I replace the paragraph text with the uuid of the response?

Example API https://valorant-api.com/v1/agents
Sample response

 "status": 200,
 "data": [
 "uuid": "e370fa57-4757-3604-3648-499e1f642d3f",

Is it possible?
Or what exactly does the http request

It looks like we haven’t completed the implementation of Request! It isn’t providing the response yet. We’ll get on that right away. In the meantime here is an example of how to do what you want using Javascript and the browser’s “fetch” API: fetch example

Thank you very much for the answer, that is the way I was using to make some tests, thank you very much I will be aware for the update of the response component.