Option to Lock Elements

I love toying around with Hatch so far. One small but important feature I think it is missing is the ability to lock page elements. This is a feature that designers like myself miss for better organization and to avoid accidentally selecting background elements.

Hi wrensey,

Thanks for feedback! Which flavor of locking do you have in mind? Is it just locking the position or something more?

I suppose similar locking to Photoshop or Illustrator, being able to lock objects from the layer menu and then not be able to interact with them in the scene until they are unlocked from the layer menu again

:+1: I’m in favor of that pattern as well.

There was a bit of debate over if the element should still be selectable on the stage/canvas vs having to go into the ‘object tree’ (a.k.a. the layer menu) to select a locked element; some concern people might be confused why they couldn’t select a locked element and them needing to discover the layer menu AND the lock in order to get out of that state.

Ignoring remixing other people’s projects, if we aren’t willy-nilly locking things people need to edit in templates most locks encountered should be ones they put on themselves. Either way, the benefit of being to ignore things in complex designs seem to outweigh potential downsides.

Thanks for feedback! Your suggestion is being put on the shortlist. It needs to go through design and yadda yadda, but I’d guess we’ll get it done in the next month or so.

Keep it coming! :slight_smile:

Yeah I get that, maybe some sort of hover tip that pops up saying that the element is locked?
But awesome good to know it’s getting in sson, thank you! Been having a blast with Hatch overall :fire:

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