Multiple links on a text object


Just a simple question: is there a way to have multiple links in one single text object?
In my project I have a text object with my next gigs and I want to add links to get the tickets for each one individually. I think this option does not exist in Hatch and I am guessing the way to do this is doing it on an html object instead, wanted to ask just in case.

Link to my project

Right now I fixed it by having multiple text objects, but having just one would be handier when I need to update it.

Hey OniricCat,

It’s one link per text box at the moment.

TBH this has somehow never occurred to me. I don’t write many lists or paragraphs of text in my projects where I’d need to add links to individual words. But …the concept is pretty much the essence of http and I’m not sure how I’ve managed to not notice our text boxes don’t have an option for inline hyperlinks. Anywoo… we’ll discuss amongst ourselves and figure out a solution and priority.

Thanks for bringing it up!