How to make a multipage Hatch

Perhaps you’ve already created a one page Hatch and want to expand in order to add more content or you’re looking to make an interactive narrative– let’s hop right into multipage Hatch sites!

You can learn how to make a multipage Hatch website from scratch with this step-by-step guide or our video tutorial.

If you’re looking for inspiration or more information about multipage sites, read more here.

Portfolio websites, shops, landing pages and more

You can also check out cloudland to explore a great multipage Hatch website. This project uses a button and navigation to create a flow between pages.

Interactive narratives and games

Using pages as different points in your game or scene can make creating it easy. You can even add surprising transitions. Try remixing this scene to see how it works.


If you’ve still got questions– drop them below!

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