How to add effects to your content

Effects make your Hatch content dynamic, interactive, and just plain awesome! You can add effects to almost anything. There are different types of effects:

  • Behavioral effects
  • Animation effects
  • Stylization effects

A great way to learn how to use effects is to try them out for yourself. To explore the draggable effect where people can drag around your content– try remixing the drag-a-cat project.


Another effect you can try is the fullscreen effect, which is great for portfolios showcasing photography and artwork. Feel free to use this project as a starting point.


You can also learn how to add effects from scratch with this step-by-step guide or our video tutorial.

For clips on the types of effect, check out these video sections below:
Behavioral Effects: Enhancing User Experience
Animation Effects: Bringing Your Content to Life
Stylization Effects: Playing with Saturation, Inversion, and More

If you’ve got a question about how to use a specific effect, drop them below! They’re so fun and easy once you get the hang of using them.

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