Can´t add iframe elements

I’ve tried to embed iframe elements, however, those are not shown on the page.

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Welcome @somatica! Tell me more about how you are trying to embed the iframe. Are you using the “Easy Embed” element or the iframe element or trying to directly paste an <iframe> from another site? It might also help to know what you’re trying to embed.

Here’s a sample project (Common Ninja Embed) that embeds a music player from Common Ninja using three different methods. I’d recommend first trying the Easy Embed (found in the Getting Started Kit and in the Elements tab). For most embeds you can paste what they provide right in and it just works.

The other two examples use the iframe and html components which give more control if you need to edit the embed details.

Hi Somatica,

Could you share a copy of your project with me?

  1. make a copy of your project
  2. turn on “allow remixing” in the share menu
  3. copy the link and post it here (or email it to me