Adding custom fonts?

Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to add a font? I’m trying to use Korean, but the font options are too limited… I saw that there was “new property: Font family” but i’m not sure if that’s the right option and if so, how to go about it…

Thanks so much in advance

I’m sure custom fonts are on the way at some point in the future, in the meantime if you really need to use a custom font here’s a paragraph with custom font that’s specified in the font_uri property, some JS then applies it.

If you have a woff2 file you can generate a data URI (a format for encoding a file as plain text) using a tool like this, choose the “Explicitly specify mime type” option and enter font/woff2

I don’t recommend using this hack more than a couple of times in a project, but it might be useful.